Your Healthy Home: Water Leak Detectors

Even brand new homes can develop a water leak. One new home that we finished up last year is an example – the homeowner decided to run the water pressure up another 10 PSI. This resulted in several leaks from faucet pipes under sinks – the plumbing contractor had not tightened these completely and it didn’t show up until the higher pressure was applied. When inspecting new construction, I take considerable time to really test all of the fixtures for this reason.

Is there anything you can do proactively, besides regular inspections, to stave off a day when water gets out of piping and damages something in your home? You would think that in our day and age of modern devices and electronics that someone would think of this. Well they have – and in a variety of forms.

These alarm devices come in two varieties. One is a passive system that sits on the floor near the fixture, such as behind your toilet or under the refrigerator, and sets off an alarm if it senses moisture. These are inexpensive and easy to install. They can be battery operated for simplicity شركات كشف تسربات مياه. The problem with these is that they depend upon someone hearing the alarm and turning the water off. What if you are not home?

A better system, but more expensive, is the active detection system. This device will detect a leak AND actually shut off the water flow to the appliance. This system needs to be installed by a professional, since it involves putting a valve in-line with the appliance. Better still is a whole house active leak and shutoff system. This works by having either a wired or wireless sensor at every appliance, communicating with a central brain connected to a water shutoff valve for your entire home. This is installed much like a home security system, with a connection to an alarm system if you have one.

These systems can get very sophisticated and there are numerous products to choose from. You should consult a qualified plumber for more information if you decide to install these products; some home alarm installers also provide these systems.

Researching and choosing a water leak detection system for your home can prevent the day when a disastrous water leak causes expensive damage in your home and emotional trauma for you and your family.

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