Tips for Buying a Corded or Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

If you’re looking for an economical lawn mowing solution that’s safe, hassle free and environmentally friendly, then an electric lawn mower might be what you need. An alternative to traditional gasoline powered lawn mowers, these modern mowers are powered by electricity, either directly via an electric cord (corded electric lawn mowers) or by a rechargeable battery unit (cordless electric lawn mowers) housed within the mower deck. When looking to purchase an electric mower there a number of factors you should consider as outlined in this article.

Consider Your Yard Size

The first thing you should consider is your yard size. If you have a small or regular sized yard (say up to 5000 square feet) then a regular electric mower is probably going to be suitable for your needs. If you have acreage or a large yard, then a riding lawn mower or a cordless electric lawn mower with additional batteries might be a better option. If you opt for a corded mower, you will be restricted by the length of the electric cord and the availability of power outlets around your yard. Unless you do have a small yard, battery operated mowers are a much more flexible option as you don’t have to worry about dragging along an electric cord while mowing.

Removable Batteries

For cordless electric lawn mower models that offer a removable battery, you should have the option of purchasing additional batteries so you can simply replace a flat battery with a fully charged one to allow you to continue mowing. A removable battery is also handy if you don’t have a power supply in your shed or wherever you store your mower – you can simply take the battery unit out and charge it somewhere more convenient.

Watt Hours Rating

Each cordless electric lawn mower will have a voltage rating such as 24 Volt or 36 Volt, and the size of the mower’s ‘fuel tank’ is measured in watt hours – the higher the watt hours, the longer you can mow for. To calculate the watt hours rating for a mower, simply multiply the battery voltage rating by the amp hour rating – this will tell you how much power the mower battery can deliver over time. Electric lawn mowers are not as powerful as traditional gas mowers, but they are sufficient to get the job done.

Deck Size

The deck size or cutting swatch of the mower indicates the width of lawn that you will cut on each pass you make when mowing. So the larger the deck size, the less passes you will need to make to mow all of your lawn! A larger deck size will generally mean a bigger mower, so if you are very limited on storage space or unable to push or handle a large mower this is something you may need to consider.

Compact Storage Features

If storage space is at a premium, look for a mower that has a collapsible handle that will fold down. This will allow you to store the mower upright or in small, compact spaces. Mowers without this feature can take up a surprising amount of space. Another bonus of electric mowers is that you will not need to store fuel for the engine, which saves both storage space and money.

Warranty Options

Investigate the warranty options available – most electric mowers come with a two year limited manufacturers’ warranty, and some will also offer a lifetime warranty on the mower deck. It is likely that any problems you might have with the mower will occur within the six months to a year so having a warranty that covers you beyond this initial period of use is a bonus.

Finally, price is often the determining factor when making any purchase. If you do have a set budget, do your homework and always try to buy the best quality product you can afford, as this is likely to save you money on maintenance and repairs in the long term.

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